Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Oh Dear ,We are Back to Bare Earth Pics

Yes the big Autumn dig is underway!There is a reason why I take pics of bare earth apart from feeling pleased with myself!it is a before the weather breaks the lumpy clay soil up. I hope we will have a few frosts this year, not that I like cold weather but it does kill some pests (slugs please) and well, it seems so normal unlike the last 2 winters
Think the leeks have had it this year, my fault for not keeping them covered in fleece
The runner beans have run out (ooo that was bad sorry)but the climbing french beans are still going strong,funny it,s usually the other way round
Here is yesterdays harvest. it was quite fine then but today the wind and rain is back again1 I,m afraid it is goodbye summer


Peggy said...

hi, I have an allotment in southern Ireland. we seem to suffer from the same problems,wind and weather!I have leeks this year too but have not covered or protectd them,I thought they would be quite hardy?Do you mind if I put a link for yur blog on mine?

theothermarg said...

afraid I can,t blame the weather for the leeks as it,s leek moth that has done the damage. they might recover a bit but not holding my breath lol

Kevin Stelfox said...

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